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Special Enrollment Period – If you miss your initial enrollment period, depending on your circumstances, you may still be able to enroll in Part B during a special enrollment period or (Part A if you haven’t worked more than 40 quarters.)  Having group, employer, or union health coverage (from yourself or your spouse) is the most common reason to delay enrollment into Medicare. You can sign up anytime while you’re still covered by a group/employer/union plan.  After your group/employer/union coverage ends, you will have 8 months to enroll into Medicare.  During a special enrollment period, there usually isn’t penalty for enrolling late.

Special Enrollment Period

PLEASE NOTE – Very important – taking COBRA will not count as credible coverage and you will be assessed a late enrollment penalty when you do enroll into Part B (and/or Part A if you need to purchase it.)  This means you will have to wait until the General Enrollment Period and your Part B (and/or Part A) premium will cost more money.

If you are currently working, under certain circumstances, you may be able to enroll into Original Medicare Part A and/or Part B.

When you retire you will have 8 months to enroll into Original Medicare Part A and/or Part B.

If you have questions you can call Social Security 1-800-772-1213.