Medicare health plans under Part C and Part D, like other health plans, have an annual enrollment period that you can add, change or drop your coverage. If you miss this period, unless you have a special circumstance like moving, you will have to wait until the following year.

For Medicare Advantage plans and stand-alone prescription drug plans, the annual enrollment period (AEP) is October 15th – December 7th every year.

What changes can I make during AEP?

  • You can change your Medicare Advantage Plan to another Medicare Advantage plan
  • You can drop your Medicare Advantage Plan and return to Original Medicare and purchase a stand-alone prescription drug plan, (and a MediGap if you qualify)
  • You can change your prescription drug plan to another prescription drug plan
  • You can enroll into a stand-alone prescription drug plan
  • You can drop your Part D plan

What things should I be aware when shopping for a plan in AEP?

  • Budget – how much can I spend?
  • Is my doctor in-network?
  • If considering a MediGap – can I qualify?
  • Are my prescriptions on the formulary?
  • Do I travel?

With several plan choices in the marketplace, shopping and comparing plans can be overwhelming.  Making the wrong choice can affect your health, so lots of people are fearful to make a change for fear of making the wrong.  If you drop coverage you could face a penalty. Let Coverance Insurance Solutions help you navigate all the options. Click here for your free no-obligation review.

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